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Kale here. I have one sock drawer of a braincell and it's mostly just Sai and Altessimo.

I translate. I'm not great at it, so let me know if anything wonky happens. Here's a running list. I also have a twitter that I still don't really know how to use. I don't know how to use a computer in general, so if I really screwed up some formatting please go ahead and fix it.

To-do[edit source]

  • Cat movie - Translate story, finish proofreading Shoma and Kirio's magazines
  • Tea event - Finish translating Sai magazines
  • Japanese music festival - Make event page, translate story, proofread and upload magazines (google drive link)
  • Fill in miscellaneous Sai magazine translations whenever it strikes my fancy
  • Shoma and Kei side memories (I'm aware Kei ones are already done, but I've had one in progress and for the sake of my pride I have to finish it...)