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Hello! MinoriP!! Nice to meet you!!!!!

Wiki-wise, I edit and contribute whatever I can here and there, but focus mainly on the in-game (mobage) manga/Magazine[s] pages for the idols. It started with the transfer of the English translations that can be found in this Google Drive folder, kizakis' Manga Translations Master List (find a list of original contributors in there), and wherever else, as long as I knew the translators would be okay with it. Now I try to keep up to date with each new mobage event.

I slightly edit(ed) the aforementioned translations for things like consistency in formatting, taking out semicolons from dialogue, flow (rarely), although you can always check back with the originals or say where a problem might be.

Here's a formatting guide to help you keep your translations uniform with what's already on the wiki.

I'm also an admin of this wiki, and you can find me on discord at miya#5047. Please help us out by just contributing and editing whatever you can!

Personal To-Do List[edit source]

  • Go back to change Pierre's lines (on various Magazines pages) to follow that one guide a little more closely.
  • footnotes
  • other stuff