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Hi, I'm Ruby, and I do a bit of tantou translating on the side. Sora and KazukiP, I'm currently working on finishing up any untranslated Kazuki stuff, then I'll be moving on to finishing up events where Sora is one of the SRs. I put all my TLs on google docs, but feel free to transfer any TLs from there to here with credit and preferably links to the google doc so that people can see any edits I might make.

Shit I've Translated


- Fruitful Fruits★Live

- Xmas Live 2017 -Side:Prelude-

- Kaleidoscope Song Festival

- Write for someone ~A Reminiscent Sky~


- Xmas Live 2020 Side:Shiny Airship


- Kazuki SideMemories

- Sora SideMemories

- White Day 2019 'A Day Trip Camping Course Where Nature Calls To You' (Sora, Tsubasa, Kazuki, Kamiya)

- Kazuki's Mobage card lines (Updates whenever I can)

- F-LAGS and Legenders UPC Lines twitter thread (On hiatus bc I broke my UPC ranking combo :/)

- WakeMini Nyako comic

- Jan/Feb '21 Frame/Legs 1koma (Legs only)

To do

- Finish Sora magazines

- Blue Beach Wedding (Mstage)

- 315Yell (Mstage)

- Horse Riding Gentlemen

- Jazz Bar

- Hanafuda (collab with Kelly)