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sorry for being difficult[edit source]

OHHH if that's the issue, i could totally just send you the raw text through a google docs of the original!! i usually spiff things up through the end event so that it looks all fancy, but if you'd like the original text with the character name : [ conversation ] then i can totally dm you the pages!! i might just end up creating a docs to drop all the events in there like that, then?
(plus, it's ZERO pain doing the less popular units and it's more like a mix of petty irritation and my perfectionist nature wanting equal content!! i'm already doing some of the hijo magazines once in a while when i drop by ^^! i was SO sad when i saw that the drastars content leveled to like. near nothing. despite them being the main unit. i do have to learn some more about certain units so i consider this a rly good chance for me to hit two birds with one stone -_-)

AngelsLadder (talk)

yeah sure!! i have a current list of events i have right now, but i could just check up on the (many) events that i've done with a wonky format so that i can put them in easy order. also, would you like the movie events (eg warlock/rampage/etc) to have their character names or the idol names? my usual format includes the role names, but if you'd like the idols' names instead, that's 100% fine with me >->
tling kirio is like keeping the tab of "a list of purrfect cat puns" open for eternity and genbu's is just tryign to decipher his rosetta stone conversations but anything for more content of unpopular characters *walks on legos*

AngelsLadder (talk)

Help Adding WikiSEO extension[edit source]

Hey Clay!!! Otsukare as usual!! While checking the wiki analytics and google search, I found that the wiki title looks like this from the front, so if you have the time, It will be nice to add this extension Extension:WikiSEO
Not that urgent since I'm still asking around on how to set the extension, so it's ok to put this request way for later! Thank you!! _(´ཀ`」 ∠)ーdrgng (talk) 20:03, 29 September 2020 (UTC)

I've added the extension now, and put that tag thing on the main page... that's how it works, right? If you figure out how it's supposed to work properly, go ahead and change it later. Thanks for the suggestion!

Clay (talk) 08:31, 30 September 2020 (UTC)