Valentine's Live 2018

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#164: Valentine's Live 2018
[Live Produce] 02/08/2018 – 02/16/2018
A Sweet Bite to Shoot Through Hearts Gacha

Event Idols Gacha Idols
Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Suzaku Akai-icon.png Genbu Kurono-icon.png Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Teru Tendo-icon.png

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Ken-circle.png DRAMATIC STARS and Shinsoku Ikkon held a live at a chocolate fair! Themeing it on sexy-coolness, they showed a sweet performance to melt you up!

DRAMATIC STARS and Shinsoku Ikkon are holding a Valentines live!

Before the live, the idols enjoy a chocolate fair together.
While everyone's relishing in heaps of chocolate, Kashiwagi's eating many sweets, and DRAMATIC STARS's members begin to feed him.
Shinsoku Ikkon, who observe what's going on, also join in...

Tonight is the annual Valentines live.
Why not spend a meltingly sweet time with the idols?

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