Welcome to 315! BUS☆TOUR

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#219: Welcome to 315! BUS☆TOUR
[Bingo] 03/31/2019 – 04/08/2019
And so We're Going on a Trip Gacha

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Kyosuke Aoi-icon.png Tsubasa Kashiwagi-icon.png Teru Tendo-icon.png Kaoru Sakuraba-icon.png Yusuke Aoi-icon.png

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Event Info[edit | edit source | hide]

Ken-circle.png WとDRAMATIC STARSが旅行会社のPR映像を撮影しました!オフショット撮影のために行った日帰りツアーは楽しそうでしたね。

At the request of a travel agency, W and DRAMATIC STARS will film in a video just for tourgoers.
It'll be a MV featuring candid shots of the idols doing all sorts that shows the benefits of bus travel.
To get some travel experience, they're going to take a day trip on a sightseeing train, incredibly excited for their departure.

DRAMATIC STARS are all pumped to go on the day trip.
Meanwhile, it seems that W are interested in the sweets and train meals they'll have on board...

--Looking for a Landscape You've Never Seen Before--
Snap a pic of your widest smiles while you enjoy the stunning scenery and let's make a video that shows the charm of traveling!

Trivia[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

  • This event is a reference to the Stella Stage song Soshite Bokura wa Tabi ni Deru, with the gacha title (だからぼくらは旅にでる) being a spin on the song's title (そしてぼくらは旅にでる).
    • The outfits also resemble those worn by the 765 idols in the album's front cover.