Yuuma Uchida

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Yuuma Uchida
内田 雄馬
Yuuma Uchida.png
Voice Actor Profile
Nickname ゆうくん, ゆうまたそ、たそ

Birthday: September 21, 1992
Age: 30
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies/Specialties: Music, going for walks, forest bathing, mountain climbing, composing, impersonations, jacket play, grilling meat[1]
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Agency: I'm Enterprise
Official Links
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Yuuma Uchida (内田 雄馬) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with I'm Enterprise. He is the voice actor for Kaoru Sakuraba of DRAMATIC STARS.

Radio Participation[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

THE iDOLM@STER: SideM Radio 315Pro Night[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Episodes 1-17, 19-50, 115-138 (as main MC)
  • New Year's Special 2018 (as main MC)

Total episodes: 75

Other Works[edit | edit source | hide]

Past Roles (Anime/Movie)[edit | edit source | hide]

  • The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water (TV) as Eishiro Yabuki
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (TV, TV2) as Sonic Speed Monkey
  • Classroom Crisis (TV) as Nagisa Kiryū
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try (TV) as Yuuma Kousaka
  • Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- (TV) as Akatsuki
  • Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san (TV) as Nakai
  • KING OF PRISM series (movie) as Yū Suzuno
  • Macross Delta (TV) as Hayate Immelmann
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (TV) as Ein Dalton
  • ReLIFE (TV) as Kazuomi Ōga
  • The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! (TV) as Yaichi Kuzuryū
  • Sanrio Boys (TV) as Seiichiro Minamoto
  • STARMYU (TV, TV2) as Eigo Sawatari
  • Tokyo Ghoul:re (TV) as Ginshi Shirazu
  • Uta no Prince-sama series (TV) as Eiji Ōtori
  • Yowamushi Pedal series (TV) as Yūto Shinkai

Upcoming and Current Roles (Anime/Movie)[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Banana Fish (TV) as Ash Lynx
  • Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. (TV) as Ryō Narumiya
  • Grand Blue (TV) as Iori Kitahara
  • Kimi no Suizō o Tabetai (movie) as Takahiro

Other Roles[edit | edit source | hide]

  • Band Yarouze! (mobage) as Makoto Kurusu of Osiris
  • Detective Pikachu (VG) as Tim Goodman (JP)
  • Ensemble Stars (mobage) as Jun Sazanami of Eve
  • Fire Emblem Heroes (mobage) as Jaffar, Seliph (JP)
  • Fire Emblem Warriors (VG) as Rowan (JP)
  • I-chu (mobage) as Futami Akabane of Lancelot
  • The King of Fighters XIV (VG) as Rock Howard [2]

Trivia[edit | edit source | hide]

In 2017, he received the 11th Seiyuu Award for Best Male Newcomer.

Made his solo artist debut in May 2018 with the album (and title song) NEW WORLD under the King Records label. [3]

Hosts multiple regular radio shows:

  • BELOVED MEMORIES -- official site
  • 内田雄馬 君の話を焼かせて (Uchida Yuma: Let Me Grill Your Stories) -- twitter

Is good friends with fellow seiyuu Kaito Ishikawa and Soma Saito. Occasionally the three will have "meat parties" where they just go and eat meat together.

Yuuma is known for drinking large amounts of water during official streams, so much that the staff prepares extra water bottles for him. "Mizutaso" is something of a meme among fans. [4]

His older sister, Maaya Uchida, who is also represented by the same company, voices Ranko Kanzaki of The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. As a reference to his sister's nickname, Mareitaso, based on an incorrect reading of her first name, Yuuma has the nickname Yuumataso, which has since evolved to just Taso. [4]

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